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Spectrum Capital Partners – the one-stop-shop for private equity/financial services

The combination of strong financing, appealing debt financing options and finance competition for deals has led to a steady rise in private asset prices the world over.

Jamaica is no different, as the UCC Group seeks to diversify its holdings the subsidiary, Spectrum Capital Partners (SCP) is managing the Group’s foray into the private investment arena.

SCP provides finance to the Group as well as acquires interests in other subsidiary companies directly. Constantly on the lookout for new investable projects and investors, SPC draws on a wide range of professional, academic and technical expertise across the UCC Group.

According to Richard Kildare, Deputy CEO of SPC, “we work with financiers and funders who love Jamaica, see the potential of the region and are looking to help both diversify into high tech and higher skills.”

Noting that the company works with financing between mid-single US millions to tens of millions USD, Mr. Kildare said “we are establishing a number of investment funds focussed on key growth sectors in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

We also raise finance for other companies in the Group, for example to invest in the UCC’s properties, or to fund innovation and IT development, or in the Group’s Business Process Outsourcing capability.  Over time we will build out the Group’s other businesses in incubating and developing new ideas.”

SPC is looking to provide loans to UCC students to undertake and continue their studies and thereafter business loans, to help them develop their ideas and the attendant lifestyle loans for car purchase, home purchase and mortgages, insurance and other financial services.

The plan going forward, Mr. Kildare said, is to provide financing across other tertiary institutions.

Now preparing to complete its largest acquisition to date, Mr. Kildare said “we have a strong pipeline of interested parties and we are collaborating with several international funding agencies.  

We are keen to apply financial products and skills to grow the Group and invest in Jamaica using technology to innovate and leverage the Group’s interests.  We aim to be a powerful new ALLFINANZ organization, using the same technology that the best Global Fintechs deploy to make our client’s experiences online as simple and straightforward as possible.”  

“We plan to be the best one-stop shop for financial services”, he declared.

Date Published:
Wednesday June 23, 2021

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