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Capital Partners Ltd.

We are the driving force behind the UCC Group’s diversification strategy. We provide financing to the UCC Group, in addition, to directly acquiring stakes in other subsidiary companies. We are rapidly becoming an important component of Jamaica’s expanding Alternative Investment eco-system.


We use technology to innovate and leverage the UCC Group’s interests as we seek to apply financial products and skills to grow the UCC Group and invest in Jamaica. We want to be known as a strong AllFinanz organization that uses the same technology as the best Global FinTechs to make your experience as online, simple, and straightforward as possible.


We are disruptors who, in these post-COVID times, are perfectly positioned to assist the economy in rebuilding. We are always on the lookout for new investment opportunities, great talent, and willing investors to join us. Get in touch if you are one of – or all three – of these! We prioritize our students, partners, and investors. We’d be delighted to collaborate with you.


Across the UCC Group, we draw on a diverse range of individuals with professional, academic, and technical expertise. Our sister companies are as follows:

UCC Reid