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Spectrum Capital Partners

Our Funds

We work with investments ranging from the mid-single millions to tens of millions of dollars, frequently packaging deals to reduce risk and produce greater economies of scale in investment management.

There are opportunities for you to join us as an investor in Jamaica. There are still openings for founding partners.

In the meantime, we are launching a series of investment funds focused on key growth sectors in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

We also raise funds for other companies in the Group, such as the UCC’s properties, innovation, and IT development, or the Group’s BPO capability.

We will gradually expand the UCC Group’s other businesses in incubating and developing new ideas.



Students and Alumni

We intend to provide loans to our students in order for them to pursue and complete their studies. We will also provide business loans to assist them in developing their ideas as their careers progress. 

We will provide car loans, mortgages, insurance, and other financial services as they progress in their lives. We will accompany you on your journey.

As we expand, we will provide financing to other tertiary institutions not only in Jamaica but also throughout the Caribbean and beyond.

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